About Amitus

The Amitus Corporation is a trading conglomerate focused on re-energizing galactic commerce through its proprietary marketplace, Amitus Trading Center, and by manufacturing and retailing its own line of products to the public. Amitus Corp. officially opened its doors to the public at the start of Year 19 with the founding of Amitus Engineering, the construction and manufacturing arm of the corporation. Amitus Engineering is tasked primarily with the management of construction and production for the larger Amitus Corporation. Partnering with a number of different companies, Amitus Engineering is able to offer a wide variety of equipment, facility, and starship engineering designs to potential customers.

The Amitus Corporation is managed by an Executive Board¬†that oversees the daily operations of the entire business, which is broken down into individual departments headed by a specialist in that particular field. Chief Executive Officer, Kellen Deming, oversees the overall direction and strategic positioning of the corporation in the public marketplace. Chief Operating Officer, Tingo Duster, is tasked with the day-to-day management of the corporation’s operations. Chief Information Officer,¬†Marcinius Turelles, manages the collection and flow of information and market analytics for increased corporate success.