The University of Amitus (Coming Soon) is designed to enable all players to acquire the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary to participate in SW Combine and Amitus Corporation to the fullest extent. The University is intended to be a largely self-directed service, members may choose what to study and when to study it.

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Our Community Relations Office focuses on supporting our players, recruiting, and moderating Amitus’s communications services. They are also responsible for creating and hosting events that aren’t just for Amitus, but the simming community as a whole.
Our technically minded Internet Office is always focused on the leading edge of technology, ranging from the development of the Amitus Management System (AMS), Amitus Infrastructure, and hosting/mods/enhancements.
Assigned to the day-to-day operations of the fleet is our Logistics Office. From the managing the Infobase, Graphics, Hall of Honors, News and more, the Logistics team is always on hand to keep things moving.